Homeland security detains journalists at RNC.

Someone just pointed me to this video of Houston Free Thinkers being temporarily detained at RNC in Tampa by DHS

Which seemed like a good opportunity to point people back to the Digital Media Law Project which writes on their site:

The CMLP has heard scattered reports from Tampa of police approaching journalists and requesting that they identify themselves. As we note in the our guide (see page 42), you may or may not be able to refuse such a request. The police are generally allowed to ask a person to voluntarily provide such information, though when the request is voluntary persons are free to refuse. (This Florida caseaddresses voluntary requests.) On the other hand, a Florida statute also allows the police to temporarily detain a person for purposes of ascertaining the person’s identity, but only when the officer reasonably suspects that the person has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime. This is a compelled identification, and refusal to comply may result in one’s arrest.

Be aware that it may not always be clear in the moment whether an officer’s request to produce identification is being made under Florida’s “stop and identify” law (thus necessitating compliance) or is a voluntary request. If you are uncertain, politely ask the officer for clarification. (For example, you may consider asking “Am I free to refuse?” in response to the request.) You may wish to take that opportunity to present a press credential or identify yourself as a member of the working press.”

(by HoustonFreeThinkers)

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