I think what we’ve proven is that the American viewing public likes the way we tell the story

NBC Sports chairman | Poynter.

Yesterday on Twitter @amaditalks wrote “THAT is NBC’s truest failing, the belief that we need narrative. We can’t just watch, we need drama and pathos.”

In response, I argued that we do need narrative, and storytelling, but that NBC’s mistake is thinking that we need their narrative and that their story of these games represents all people’s story. Complaints about tape delay and bad sports announcers all seem symptomatic of a larger issue to me. The participatory nature of digital media has highlighted the incredible amount of control NBC has exerted on its broadcast of the Olympics. 

The carefully crafted and edited mono-lingual voice of one media giant trying to tell the story of the Olympics is a stark reminder that we need to create new ways to tell stories together.

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